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Welcome to Planet Homoeopathy, Herbal, Hijama & Therapy Centre.

Dr. Mohammad Mizanur Rahman has been practicing since 1988 started in Bangladesh and later practiced in Vienna, Austria with a good reputation. Presently Dr. Rahman is settled in the UK and operating his own Homeopathy, Herbal and Hijama chamber in London.
Dr. Mizanur Rahman is practicing expert and specialised in Homoeopathy, Herbal, HijamaCupping Therapy and Massage. There are many thousands of patients of Dr. Rahman around the globe. He also provides treatment over the telephone and emails. He has got vast knowledge, education and also experienced in alternative medication in the area of Homeopathy and Herbal treatment. His area of expertise also covers the oldest Sunnah treatment method called Hijama.
Dr. Mohammad Mizanur Rahman
MSc,DiplomHomeo(BD),DiplomaHomeo (UK),MD(AM) India
PhD in Homeo(USA),PhD Herbal(India)
Diploma in Hijama Cupping therapy (UK)